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Beach Philosophy. Life is Like the Ocean Waves

Beach Philosophy

Sometimes I think that life is like a beach. Not in the crass way that it is used in popular media, but in a philosophical way. The following is a bit of my beach philosophy.
Here is some music to muse by, Seagull by Bad Company.

The Waves Roll In

Waves are constantly rolling in, even when the tide goes out, the waves keep on coming. If we think of waves as the troubles in our life, it shows us that troubles will keep coming. There is no life without striving to stand up. We can let those waves knock us down and keep us out of the ocean in the same way we can let our troubles defeat us. However, each time we face a wave we learn how to better face the next one. We learn to turn into it a bit differently, or to jump over it, or swim under it. There is no avoiding a wave, but there are ways of dealing with it. Bad times are always coming, but each time we go through one we can learn how to minimize the impact of the next one. We can also learn to avoid some in the future.

The Waves Roll Out

Trouble, like waves, always rolls out too. It will always leave. Some days it will be calm and not a wave in sight, other days the waves can crush you. But they always leave. We can always outlast our troubles because we are stronger than a wave. It may push you down, but you can always get back up and outlast it. Waves and troubles are temporary.

Waves can be Good

Waves can also be seen as blessings. They provide fun for children. They provide fun for adults. I love riding the waves and can do it with my brothers for hours at a time. My son is learning to love the waves. Waves as good times are just as temporary as when they are bad, but are still as important to enjoy. Ride the good waves and good times, and when there are no waves, just enjoy the water as you enjoy life.

Beach Philosophy in Action

If you can’t tell, I love the beach. Having gone through some troubling times of my own, I have determined to live life as if the waves are both good and bad, but that they can be used for learning and for fun just the same. If life is like a beach, then it is warm and beautiful. If it is like an ocean wave, then it is fun and full of energy. Live your life like an ocean wave on the beach. You can find more of my beach philosophy here.

Beach Philosophy - Ocean Waves

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