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How can I be a Beach Bum?

I’ve had numerous people contact me over the years both directly and through the comments asking “How can I be a beach bum?” It’s not that people have a hard time understanding what a beach bum is, or how to actually be a bum, but how to support themselves while living at or near enough to the beach to enjoy it. Having a full time corporate job requires you to work most of the day, and that you be located where they are at.

I own my own business. I have to work more on a corporate schedule because those are my clients, but I am able to make my own schedule for the most part. I also like to tie in trips to clients to nearby beaches. That’s one way I support myself and my beach habit.

In the last few years, there has been an area that has grown in our economy that has, and will enable more people to become beach bums. This allows them to work their own hours, and decide how much they want to make (based on how hard they work). It’s called the gig economy.

Gig Economy for a Beach Bum

What is the gig economy? It is companies like Uber, Lyft and other car sharing services. These drivers are able to set their own hours, routes and are sometimes able to travel to other places and work there as well. This could be done on a vacation for some extra money. Another is something like which allows you to sell your services in an online marketplace. You can build up a client base no matter where you are located. Plus you can still set your hours and salary (again, depending on how hard you want to work).

Success in life depends upon how you define success.

Is success to you retiring after working until 60 at a corporation? If success spending time with your family while not having to worry about money? Is success living the life of a beach bum by supporting yourself through some paying gig?

These are questions that each person has to answer for themselves. Once you answer what your success looks like, you can decide what the best way to get there is and eliminate what isn’t getting you there. Does it mean sacrifice? Of course it does. There is no shortcut. There is hard work no matter what. I love the beach and enjoy it. I get to it every chance I get, but the reason I can do so is because I have worked hard to be able to have the lifestyle that enables me to do what I want in life.

The government can’t help you, it just wants more people to vote it into office. The corporation can’t help you, it just wants you to keep your head down, do your job and don’t make waves. You are responsible for your success and your happiness. If you want to be a beach bum, then stop and think what you have to offer that can get you there. Maybe it’s not realistic for you and that’s ok. There are many things I want that aren’t realistic for me and that goes for every other single person on the planet. Even Donald Trump.

So to be a beach bum, you need to ask yourself these three questions:

Once you do that, the rest should be easy.

See you on the beach!

Beach Bum Success

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