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Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida

I was in Florida a few weeks ago and of course, I made sure I got to the beach, Cocoa Beach to be specific. I was staying outside of Orlando in Winter Garden so although I was in the middle of Florida, the Atlantic beaches were about a half hour closer than the Gulf beaches.

I chose Cocoa Beach because it was closer, and of course it is pretty popular. Usually a popular beach is not high on my list but this was in off season. It was a beautiful day, in the 80’s and sunny. The water was unbelievably warm and perfect. I was also able to get there early enough in the day that the beach was virtually empty until after lunch.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Unfortunately I had work to do so I couldn’t stay all day, but at least I got 2 hours in at the beach during Fall. I will always take a few hours of warm beach time over the cold and beachlessness of the northern states.

Although I wouldn’t make a habit of going to places like Cocoa Beach during the high season, when you are traveling off season they can be some of the best beach experiences.

Lunch at Cocoa Beach

For lunch, I went to Fat Kahuna’s, and I was really impressed. Normally the places close to a beach are designed for the masses of tourists and college kids (there were quite a bit of those later in the day). Everything was fresh and perfectly cooked. I had the Mahi shark with coconut rice, and pineapple-mango slaw that was awesome. I would definitely recommend Fat Kahuna’s after a great morning of swimming at the beach. If you are in Cocoa Beach you should check them out. It’s a small place though so make sure you plan ahead, there are two or three tabels outside with a view of the ocean.

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