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How can I be a Beach Bum? I’ve had numerous people contact me over the years both directly and through the comments asking “How can I be a beach bum?” It’s not that people have a hard time understanding what a beach bum is, or how to actually be a bum, but how to support […]

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Why the Beach?

What is it about the beach that captures us? People will work for years to be able to afford a trip to a tropical and exotic beach. Why? What makes someone live in a cave at the beach? What makes a beach bum? It’s just water and sand. We can get that at home. Take […]

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Live on an Island for a Job. Best Job in the World is Open

That’s right, you could be the one person in the world to get hired in this amazing job. The Tourism board of Queensland Australia is looking for someone to come down and live on an island on the Great Barrier Reef. You’re job would be to be the caretaker of the island, swim, fish, play […]

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I want to go to the Beach. A Warm Beach. The Caribbean

I really miss the beach. Wow! I haven’t written in a month. I can’t believe that. I’ve been so busy with work moving to a new office downtown, more and more clients, and just life taking over. I’m sure that everyone reading this understands how life can sometimes just get in the way of life. […]

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What Makes a Beach Bum a Beach Bum?

What makes a beach bum, a beach bum? Many people believe that talk about beach bums in a negative way. They emphasize the bum part of it. That is changing, as there are many people out there who are and want to be beach bums. But what makes them that way? Laziness? No discipline? Millions […]

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Beach Bum Shirts Are Available. Show your Beach Bum Paradise Pride

So I’m not sure what to think about this. I was looking around the net and found a company with a shirt that says Beach Bum Paradise. It’s not mine. I never designed it. But that’s my website. Of course, I don’t think that having a domain means you own the name or the term. […]

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Merry Christmas From the Beach Bum

(The above photo is taken from Capistrano Beach House rental in Dana Point California.) You can celebrate Christmas anywhere, even on the beach. My wife would have something to say about that, since if there’s not snow on the ground on Christmas morning, she’s upset. Of course, we rarely have snow here on Christmas, we […]

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Winters Coming, and I Want the Beach

The first snow fall this season came down yesterday. And today. And probably tomorrow. If you can’t tell, I’m not very excited. I mean, like winter and Christmas and everything, I just wouldn’t mind it if winter were only one month long. When it starts in November and doesn’t leave until March, I’m hating life. […]

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Ten Commandments of Being a Beach Bum

I found this on the Travel Zone. The Ten Commandments of being a beach bum. 1. Thou shall pick the perfect beach. It’s not that hard really. Baja California in Mexico is one of the most diverse, and beautiful places to beach bum in. The beaches are made of fine white sand, the seafood is […]

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The Ultimate Real Beach Bum.

I just love these stories. Guys who live the real beach bum life. Bruno Battaglia, though, is probably the most dedicated beach bum I’ve seen. Just about every day for the past 4o years, he has been going to the beach. He brings something to drink, a chair (new one every year), a rag for […]

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