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Best Skinny Dipping (and Nude) Beaches

Caribbean Travel & Life recently had a post about the Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean. I don’t normally talk about nude beaches, but sometimes you just want to have some privacy and work on that tan with the one you love.

1. Booby Cay, Jamaica

Ok, why is the first beach on the list named Booby Cay? It’s for a bird. Nothing else. But it is funny.

It isn’t unusual to see (or not see) bikini tops off in Negril, but this nearby island is much more accepting of the full monty.

2. Grande Saline, St. Barthelemy

Grande Saline is close to the capital of Gustavia. This is fine for your average nudist, but the Caribbean T&L says the more ‘intrepid nudist’ will want to go to Anse du Gouverneur. I’m not sure what a more ‘intrepid nudist’ is.

3. Pointe Tarare, Guadeloupe

It isn’t easy to find apparently, but they say that they were the first legal nude beach in the Western Hemisphere.

4. Hawksbill Bay, Antigua

There is only one nude beach on Antigua, and this is it. On the west coast near the Hawksbill Hotel there are a few slices of white sand beaches for you.

5. Orient Beach, St. Martin

So although the Dutch side has a skinny dipping beach at Cupecoy Beach, this is on the French side. This is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean to bare it all.


These are the best nude beaches according to Caribbean Travel & Life, do you have any more that you think should be on here?


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One Response to “Best Skinny Dipping (and Nude) Beaches”

  1. RumShopRyan on April 8th, 2012 5:48 pm

    I’m not sure exactly which beach it is, but St. Barths is pretty open to topless sunbathing. Being a French island, you’ll see plenty of skin on several the beaches here.


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