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35 Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful beaches are the lifeblood of any beach bum. Of course, almost every beach is beautiful in it’s own way. But this list of beaches from Budget Travel will probably top the list of beautiful beaches. I will show a few of my favorites from their list, but you can follow the link to see them all.

List of Beautiful Beaches

Maya Bay, Thailand

Thailand is on my Beach Wish List already, but this beach looks just perfect.

Maya Bay beach in Thailand. beautiful beaches

Monterosso al Mare, Italy

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, especially along the coast and swim in the Mediterranean.

The beach at Monterosso al Mare in Italys Cinque Terre. beautiful beaches

Kalanggaman, Philippines

The South Pacific has long been on my list of places I need to go. If you wonder why, just look at this pic below.

Kalanggaman Island in Layte, Philippines. beautiful beaches

The Dead Sea, Israel

I have actually been to the Dead Sea. It is an experience not to be missed. It’s almost impossible to sink because the water is so salty that buoyancy is increased. At spots there are hot springs you can feel, and giant salt deposits you can crawl on.

The Dead Sea, Israel. beautiful beaches
So what do you think? There were many more in the original post, but these are my favorites. What would you add to this list?

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