Venice Beach, Florida.

This is a guest posting by my mother who went to Venice Beach, Florida for a quick vacation. Venice Beach, Florida February 10, it is 25º (F) in Ohio. This same time last week in Venice, Florida it was 84º. My cousin, MaryAnn, and I walked on Venice Beach. Many were out on the beach […]

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How to be a Beach Bum – Beach Bum Success

How can I be a Beach Bum? I’ve had numerous people contact me over the years both directly and through the comments asking “How can I be a beach bum?” It’s not that people have a hard time understanding what a beach bum is, or how to actually be a bum, but how to support […]

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Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida I was in Florida a few weeks ago and of course, I made sure I got to the beach, Cocoa Beach to be specific. I was staying outside of Orlando in Winter Garden so although I was in the middle of Florida, the Atlantic beaches were about a half hour closer than […]

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35 Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful beaches are the lifeblood of any beach bum. Of course, almost every beach is beautiful in it’s own way. But this list of beaches from Budget Travel will probably top the list of beautiful beaches. I will show a few of my favorites from their list, but you can follow the link to see […]

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Beach Philosophy. Life is Like the Ocean Waves

Beach Philosophy Sometimes I think that life is like a beach. Not in the crass way that it is used in popular media, but in a philosophical way. The following is a bit of my beach philosophy. Here is some music to muse by, Seagull by Bad Company. The Waves Roll In Waves are constantly […]

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Vacation Back to Rhode Island Beaches

My cousin is getting married later this summer, and since she lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, the entire family gets to go out to the beach for a week to celebrate. It is a great thing to have family who live close to the beach. I haven’t been to the beaches in Rhode Island for […]

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Outer Banks Beach Vacation

Finally, I haven’t posted in a while, but I finally have something to talk about. It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten to the beach for a real vacation. We are having a big family reunion vacation in Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina. I know there is a lot to do there, such […]

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The Final Stranded in Venice Vacation (Part 9)

Thursday, April 22 A mosquito bothered our sleep some. Wake up call is 3:30, we check out at 4:30 and walk back along the canal to the left and cross a bridge. To the left is the bus lot. At 4:40 an orange Airporto bus is there (early?) and as we walk up to it, […]

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Why Choose the Office and Work Instead of the Beach?

Lately the weather has been turning to summer. After a long, cold, bleak winter I am in need of the sun. In need of the sun, the beach and the freedom that comes from swimming in the ocean. Today the weather is beautiful. A sunny, high 70’s – 80’s day does not happen often in […]

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Top Ten Islands in the World for 2013

Trip Advisor recently came out with the Travelers’ Choice for the Top Ten Islands in the World for 2013. These beautiful and exotic islands are voted on by everyday travelers like you and me. Have you been to any of these islands? Or plan on going anytime in the future? Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes This […]

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